Term Paper on Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Term paper writing is only be appealing for the students, if they do concentrate in research and writing. For excellent writing students also need a topic which is painless as well as striking for them. Term paper on cognitive behavioral theory has both qualities; it is interesting and easy. Although, it is an easy topic but one should give attention to write it as perfect as possible.

Basic suggestions about writing a term paper on cognitive behavioral theory

In the entire course of term paper writing, you must follow the given suggestions,

  • Use current and authentic references for data collection; you can use scholarly references, if possible.
  • You should follow the accurate APA format
  • You must mention in-text citations and the references section of your term paper.
  • You should try your best to make your term paper error free.

As conventional method of writing, every term paper has 3 parts;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

We are doing to discuss them, one by one;

Introduction of term paper on cognitive behavioral theory:

Focus on comprehensive description and discussion of cognitive-behavioral theory. You should also discuss that it is sub-branch of counseling psychological theories which include three; existentialism, cognitive-behavioral theory, and reality therapy theory. Cognition is the process which covers complete grasping the knowledge, its application, its reasoning and its retention in human mind.

Body paragraphs of term paper on cognitive behavioral theory

This must include subheadings:

History of cognitive behavioral theory:

You should mention history behind the advancement of cognitive behavioral theory. How did this come into existence? You my take a ride back in time and discuss the famous psychiatrists who were instrumental in the development and designing of this theory. The most famous are the two, Albert Ellis and Albert Bandura, which can be mentioned.

Application of cognitive behavioral theory:

You must mention in your term paper on cognitive behavioral theory about the application of this in different health conditions. For example, it is considered best to relive the anxiety in patients with severe anxiety disorders.

Conclusion of term paper on cognitive behavioral theory

In conclusion, you should give a brief survey of entire literature of cognitive behavioral theory. Try to sum up all important points precisely. Don’t add a new point at the time of conclusion.

Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for you in writing a term paper on cognitive behavior theory.

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